Sunday, June 22, 2008

Laura's List

I've been looking forward to this challenge. Sometimes I need a little help to read non-fiction, and I've chosen 6 books for this challenge:

  1. Dreams from my Father, by Barack Obama (completed 1/11/08 - review)
  2. Stolen Lives, by Malika Oufkir (completed 3/7/08 - review)
  3. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver (completed 4/13/2008 - review)
  4. Infidel, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali (completed 6/21/2008 - review)
  5. Brother, I'm Dying, by Edwidge Danticat (completed 7/23/2008 - review)
  6. Paula, by Isabel Allende (completed 8/7/2008 - review)


tennischick said...

i like your list. i want to read and compare Danticat's and Kinkaid's books about their brothers. i'm half-way thru Kinkaid but haven't yet bought Danticat's altho' i ran across a fascinating interview with her about her family relations. look forward to your reviews!

N.Vasillis said...

I can't wait to read your review for Brother, I'm Dying.

Kenny Surtani said...

It was nice to read your review.