Friday, April 25, 2008

# 6 Blankets (Thompson)

Craig Thompson shares the natural progression of his childhood through the combination of pictures and words. The memories of living in his parents' home with his brother, going to school and church, and seeking the desires of his heart are the focus.

Once I got over the shock that this book weighed a ton, I turned the first page and became wrapped up in the story. I soon forgot that it was almost 600 pages long! The emotions that Thompson was able to depict in his drawings were fabulous and even though they were caricatures, he made them come alive. This honest and deep coming-of-age memoir is powerful in its realism. Through the pictures and words, I felt as if I experienced Craig's life right alongside him. The final pages left me a little gloomy or empty, so I am tacking on the fact that he is, now, a successful graphic novelist and hopefully has found himself and happiness.

Oh yes, there are some pertinent graphic pictures that are meant for mature young adults.

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