Saturday, April 26, 2008

Marley & Me by John Grogan (Jill's review)

Marley and Me
By John Grogan
Completed April 26, 2008

I think everyone knows this tale of a man, his family and their dog, Marley. This book chronicles the Grogans and life with their mischievous Marley, who behind the chewed shoes and hyperactivity, was a beloved member of the family until his death at age 13.

John Grogan did a good job showing how animals become a part of your life - and indeed your family. For many families, pets are their only "babies" while others mix children with animals with room in their hearts for all. As a member of the latter, I could not imagine life without my pets. If you feel this way too, then Marley and Me is the book for you.

Personally, I found many parts of this book to be boring. I also found many of the adults' (aka the masters') decisions to be questionable. Marley was depicted as a knucklehead, but I think he was way smarter than his owners, totally wrapping them around his paw. Perhaps that was the point of it all.

Moreover, I think you have to be a dog owner to fully appreciate this story. If you are, then check out this cute book about a cute dog. For cat owners like me, this book may remind you why you chose a life with whiskers, purrs and kitty litter. =) ( )

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