Friday, May 23, 2008

# 8 A Walk in the Woods (Bryson)

Bill Bryson with his college buddy, Stephen Katz, take on the Appalachian Trail (AT) without much experience in the great American outdoors. The desired outcome was to complete the 2,100+ mile trail that traverses Georgia to Maine.

Traveling on the AT with Bryson and Katz was the highlight of the book, while the other half was the preparation and history of the AT, which was dispersed throughout the book. The history was interesting (it really was), but I was so entralled with getting back to walking the trail with the guys that I didn't care to hear the history.

Ultimately, the expedition was filled with witty and comical comments, along with some blunders and eye-opening experiences. Katz, being a one-of-a-kind character, together with Bryson, made quite a team. I could have listened to their conversations forever.


Heather Johnson said...

I read this a while back and I just loved it. The humor was excellent, and I really did enjoy the historical sections ... I didn't feel like it took away from the story. I'm looking forward to reading more by Bryson.

Joy said...

Heather ~ I agree that the history did not take away from the story (I actually liked it), but I LOVED the humor and wanted that more. :)